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Philips ZOOM! Nite White Gel 16% CP Top Up 2.4g Syringe


Purchase any selected Philips ZOOM product and receive a free Whiter Smile tube of 18% carbamide peroxide worth $24.95

"Used by dentists around the world"
  • World's most reputable whitening brand
  • Reduce transient sensitivity
  • Reduce fadeback
  • Increase enamel smoothness and gloss

Strength: 16% Carbamide Peroxide
Contents: 1 x 2.4g Syringes (5 Applications)
Duration: Overnight or 4-6 Hours Daily

Philips ZOOM (Day White & Nite White) leads the pack with a breakthrough line of effective, high viscosity, super-low sensitivity tooth whitening gels formulated exclusively for use in a patented dual barrel syringe. Studies indicate that up to 85% of patients want whiter teeth. As the only take-home whitening products on the market to contain amorphous calcium phosphate, ZOOM produces dramatic results far beyond whitening. They're specially designed to rebuild enamel and enhance overall tooth health and strength at the same time. They also significantly reduce patient sensitivity, leading to higher compliance and exceptional patient satisfaction. Many take-home whitening brands can leave a chalky, spotty or blotchy appearance while the teeth gradually re-hydrate. But many users of Philips ZOOM describe their teeth as shiny, glossy, and smooth, even after one treatment.

Understanding ACP

ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) is a revolutionary technology that is licensed exclusively to Discus in the field of professional whitening by the ADA Foundation. Whitening with ACP means stronger teeth, greater comfort and better results for your patients- and optimal compliance by your patients.

Rebuild Enamel

The deposition of hydroxyapatite onto teeth rebuilds enamel and restores luster through the remineralization process. Preliminary research shows that remineralization can both strengthen teeth and reduce the susceptibility of enamel to in vitro lesion initiation and progression.

Reduce Sensitivity

Clinical tests comparing ZOOM with a formula containing no ACP showed that 30% of patients who used ACP experienced less sensitivity, with twice as many patients experiencing zero sensitivity. ZOOM ACP is the first whitenes to combine ACP and the proven effectiveness of potassium nitrate to create a new standard for patient comfort in take-home whitening.

Improve Appearance

Tooth whiteners with ACP also improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth by restoring enamel luster to create a smoother, glossier appearance. Studies also show the patients who used a tooth whitener with ACP experienced less fadeback to their original tooth color after six months.

Innovative Syringe

Our patented, dual-barrel syringe keeps ingredients separate until they mix at the tip immediately prior to application. This technology allows ingredients to remain at maximum strength far longer, so you can save time by ordering larger quantities all at once and always have a supply on hand. Since the gels don't require refrigeration, they won't compete for valuable space; simply store your kits on the shelf until your patients need them.

How ACP Works

ACP is applied directly to teeth during your whitening treatment.

ACP clusters fill open tubules, reducing tooth sensitivity.

ACP rebuilds enamel and fills any defects on the teeth to add luster.

Philips ZOOM! Nite White Gel 16% Top Up (Mint) Philips ZOOM
Philips ZOOM

Philips ZOOM! Nite White Gel 16% CP Top Up 2.4g Syringe



1 x 2.4g Syringes (5 Applications)


16% Carbamide Peroxide

Wear Time

Overnight or 4-6 Hours Daily


  • World's most reputable whitening brand
  • Reduce transient sensitivity
  • Reduce fadeback
  • Increase enamel smoothness and gloss
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