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Already have your own teeth whitening gel and just need mouth trays, post whitening gel or a LED whitening to speed up your results? We have you covered!

Mouth Trays

The type of mouth tray you use will make a huge difference in your teeth whitening results. For teeth whitening gel to be effective, it needs to be actively against your teeth for the whitening products recommended wear time. Depending on this wear time, you may need to use a different type of mouth tray. Mouth trays are also not created equally. They can come in different materials with some creating a much better mould of your teeth. All of our mouth trays are made in the USA and use stronger materials than those made in China.

LED Whitening Lights

Teeth whitening accelerator lights use the same LED "Blue Spectrum" treatment which happens in laser teeth whitening at your dentist. The lights will accompany any teeth whitening treatment to speed up and enhance your results. It is activated by a special patented light whose wave-length is matched to the whitening gel to produce a more effective whitening result.

Pre & Post Whitening

Consumption of acidic foods and drinks as well as all types of tooth bleaching can cause a loss of essential tooth minerals. While saliva helps restore these minerals, using a remineralising product helps the process by delivering these critical tooth minerals directly to the tooth surface. Also depending on the strength, bleaching gel can to some degree cause tooth sensitivity. This is sensitivity to cold/hot fluids and even air can cause discomfort. This is normal and an expected side effect. Luckily there are products available to help with this side effect.

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