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Your breath and your self-confidence are too important to rely on hit-or-miss products that merely mask bad breath. That’s why BreathRx was developed as a comprehensive total breath management system that puts you in control of your own fresh breath.

A Prescription for Confidence

You are well on the way toward achieving the fresh, clean breath you want – and deserve – with the BreathRx™ Breath Management System. You have just taken a very important step towards gaining the confidence that comes from facing the world with clean, fresh breath.

Zytex™ Eliminates Malodor

Each Of the unique BreathRx products contain Zytex™, an exclusive ingredient containing zinc , eucalyptus oil and thymol. Zytex™ neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), the main cause of oral malodor.

Anti-Bacterial Action

BreathRx™ Mouth Rinse, Breath Spray, and Tongue Gel go beyond the neutralization of VSC's to eliminate their source -- Gram-negative Bacteria. Our active ingredient Cetylpyridinium Chloride kills bacteria on contact, stopping bad breath at it's source.

100% Alcohol-Free Formulations

Did you know alcohol can dehydrate oral soft tissue, cause irritation, reduce salivary flow and actually increase oral malodor? BreathRx is the only anti-bacterial mouth rinse that’s 100% alcohol-free. It’s safe for every patient and long term use.

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