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Whiter Smile Advanced Home Whitening Kit

Whiter Smile Advanced Home Whitening Kit
  • Type
    Moldable Mouth Tray
  • Treatment Duration
    10 - 14 Days
  • Application Time
    15 - 60 Minutes / Day
  • Applications Provided
    Approximately 40
  • Whitening Ingredient
    Carbamide Peroxide
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    Our Advanced Whitening Kit is one of our very best value and no fuss whitening kits. Includes the essentials needed to whiten your teeth.

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Whiter Smile's Advanced Home Whitening Kit is one of our very best value and most popular whitening kits. Specifically designed for those who want results in the shortest time possible. This is one of our most complete, no fuss kits you can buy and provides you with everything you need to whiten your teeth including a long-term supply of whitening gel so you can complete the job without purchasing additional refill gel and have plenty of whitening gel to do touch-ups later, and contains important after bleaching oral care products.

Whiter Smile Advanced Kit Includes

  • 2 x 10g Tubes Whitening Gel

    Choose From:
    10% Carbamide Peroxide
    16% Carbamide Peroxide
    18% Carbamide Peroxide

  • 2 x Tubes Remineralisation Gel
  • 3 x Moldable Mouth Trays
  • Hygienic Mouth Tray Case
  • Detailed Instructions Manual
  • Whiter Smile Loyalty Discount Card
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  • Easy to use teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home
  • Includes everything needed to whiten and mainten your white teeth
  • Our products are made in the USA and FDA approved
  • Our formulations are 100% pure with no dangerous fillers or additives
  • Effectively whitens tobacco, coffee, tetracyline, and genetic discolouring
  • Same teeth whitening formula as sold in dental offices for $100's
  • Available in different strengths to cater for everyone
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Two Tubes of Whitening Gel

Very power whitening gel is a high-viscosity gel that is great for those who want extra whitening power for tougher stains and faster whitening. We sell one of the highest quality and strongest gels made so that you get highest power with lowest sensitivity. Our teeth whitening gel is available in 4 different strengths to suit everyones needs and experience.

Two Tubes of Remineralisation Gel

Our remineralisation gel revitalises enamel after the teeth bleaching process. Simply put, the teeth bleaching process may break down the enamel and needs to be replenished for structural integrity. Our remineralisation gel is highly recommended for all those who bleach their teeth.

Three Customised Moldable Mouth Trays

Our moldable mouth trays are are made of a flexible substance which when heated and applied to the teeth, will confirm to the shape of your own mouth and teeth. Simply put them in warm water and they will mould around your teeth and harden. Our kits include 3 mouth trays, where we give you 1 extra one incase you make a mistake. Includes a hygienic tray case for you to keep your molded trays in. Includes hygienic mouth tray case.

Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel

Remineralisation Gel

Moldable Mouth Trays


Which strength is right for you?

The correct strength depends on your sensitivity levels. Maximum strength concentrations may cause an increase in sensitivity and cause gum irritation in some people, which is why we recommend starting with a lower strength whitening gel to test your sensitivity levels. By ordering you agree to our products terms and conditions.

Strength Concentration Results Sensitivity Levels Application Time
Maximum Strength 18% Carbamide Peroxide Quickest Results Average Sensitivity 30-60 Minutes / Day
High Strength 16% Carbamide Peroxide Quick Results Average Sensitivity 30-60 Minutes / Day
Standard Strength 10% Carbamide Peroxide Sensitive Teeth High Sensitivity 60 Minutes / Day


Click here for detailed instructions on how to use our teeth whitening gel and other whitening products.

Mold Mouth Trays Mold Mouth Trays Mold Mouth Trays Mold Mouth TraysMold Mouth Trays

Active Ingredients

Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide

Product Reviews


Amazing whitening kit
September 10, 2014

As a first time customer I am very pleased and thank full that this kit actually works yes I did néed to buy a few more re fills and accessories but that's only to keep my teeth looking great the first time I used the whitening pen I already saw amazing changes to the Colour of my teeth I'm such a happy customer thanks to whiter smile

Greens- borough, VIC

Very good and it works
September 10, 2014

I bought the 16% strength and it's one of the only home whitening products that have worked for me. Instructions were very clear, great value for money. My teeth are about 4-5 shades whiter and i am completely satisfied.

Neil Harris

October 08, 2013

This is a fantastic product and amazing value of money. I had my teeth whitening by my dentist years ago and paid a few hundred dollars for the trays and gel, and the results did not last. The gel I received was the exact same type and strength which my dentist gave me and less than one 3rd the price. Thank you for offering this product at such a great price and thank you for your extremely good customer service and honest replies to my emails. I would 100% recommend purchasing from Whiter Smile.

Cherrybrook, NSW

February 03, 2013

Have had really good results and comments on the colour of my teeth with a few friends interested in buying some of your product. It was really helpful to have a third mouth tray since i stuffed the first one. But really Happy with my purchase and would certainly buy again.

South Australia

January 07, 2013

I can not believe the results I've had with your gel!!! Its only been a week and my teeth are at least 4 shades brighter! You have saved me so much money from going to the dentist. I love you :)

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