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Teeth Whitening in Sydney

Teeth whitening isn't just for movie stars any more. Advanced technology and improved products have made most cosmetic procedures safe and affordable for everyone from retirees to professionals who want to improve their smile and confidence. Whiter teeth offer many benefits, including taking years off your appearance. This is especially important for those in industries where the illusion of youth and vitality are essential to getting ahead, such as actors, models, and professionals who interact with the public every day.

Home or In-Office Treatment?

Sydney has a very high cost of living and, as such, dentist administered 'in-office' treatments are much more expensive than at-home teeth whitening kits. Dental surgeries have many costs, including rent, staff and stationary, not to mention the rates dentists can charge, rightfully so, after spending years completing their dental degree.

If you have severe discolouration, then dentist whitening may be your only option as they are only ones licensed to administer the more heavy-duty whitening agents. However, if your teeth are only a little discoloured then a home kit might be all you need and your wallet will love you for it. At Whiter Smile we run an online only operation which allows us to run a lean business and pass the savings onto you.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

More than 90% of patients who seek whitening treatments have satisfactory to above-average results. The bad news is, not everyone is a candidate for this process. General guidelines suggest that teeth whitening may be a problem for a small percentage of the population, including:

    • -pregnant women
    • -those with gum disease or worn tooth enamel
    • -people with sensitive teeth or allergies to tooth whitening products
    • -patients who have undergone certain tooth restoration procedures

Which Product is Right for You?

Start by reading our comprehensive Teeth Whitening Guide including our buyers guide.