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Teeth Whitening Buyer’s Guide – Help & Advice

Before you purchase whitening products, you should find out if you have any contraindications for whitening. Some conditions can temporarily or permanently make someone a bad choice for teeth whitening, and it is important to remember that, though the results look nice, health and safety are more important. 

If you are younger than sixteen, parts of the inside of your teeth are still growing, so whitening should wait until you are older with fully matured teeth. It is also highly advised not to whiten or bleach teeth while you are pregnant or trying to conceive as the effects of any swallowed product have unknown results on unborn babies. If a person has sensitive teeth, whitening should be carefully considered as it can increase tooth sensitivity. Likewise, if a person is sensitive to the whitening agents used, whitening is strongly unadvisable. Some kinds of dental work should be done before teeth whitening; for example, any exposed roots or cavities must be treated before whitening because the agent can absorb into the teeth or gums otherwise. Also, those who have existing crown work or noticeable fillings etc. may need to plan for new dental work after their whitening to avoid different shades in their teeth because such dental work is usually not brightened by the whitening process. 

You should make a list of priorities and goals about what you expect from your whitening experience. Someone who needs quick whitening or lightening by several shades may benefit more from in-office whitening. A person who requires cost consciousness or needs the flexibility of at home procedures may find greater happiness from an at-home kit. Prospective people wishing to undergo teeth whitening procedures should certainly consider all of the information in our guide to choose the best option for them. 

If you are a good candidate for a whitening program, you will probably wish to consider treatment charts. Treatment charts, such as the ones provided by our own site, Whiter Smile, will help you choose what strength of whitening agent and which one is best for your needs. Treatment charts list the active ingredient, how much of the active ingredient is used, how fast the user can expect results, how sensitive your teeth are, and how long to use the product. Whiter Smile provides charts for over-the-counter products, at home prescription whitening kits, and in-office prescription kits.

Your can be assured Whiter Smile’s online store sells the best quality of products available to meet all of your teeth whitening needs, and all products sold on Whiter Smile are made in the USA or Europe. 

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