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Smile Dentist Quality Teeth Whitening System

Smile Dentist Quality Teeth Whitening System

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Brand: Smile Dentist

Smile™ whitening gels and custom whitening trays are exactly the same products that leading dentists in Australia use.

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Smile™ whitening gels and custom whitening trays are exactly the same products that leading dentists in Australia use.

This smile whitening process is considered one of the safest and least invasive of all dental cosmetic procedures. Whitening is now one of the most popular personal image enhancers available and numerous scientific studies have proven it both safe and effective.

Smile Dentist Quality System Includes

Your Smile™ Dentist Quality Whitening system contains everything you need to professionally whiten and brighten your smile.

  • 1 x Smile™ Impression Kit including prepaid postage and delivery box
  • 1 x Smile™ Whitening Solution Kit (5 x 1.3 g syringes + nozzles) and convienient carrier tray
  • 1 x DVD: “Smile™ - Making Your Impression & Whitening Your Smile” our unique at home DVD tutor plus the Smile™ Information and Instructions brochure.
  • Whiter Smile Loyalty Discount Card
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Why Choose Smile™?

Smile™ Dentist quality whitening is exactly as what you would receive from your dentist.  Our whitening solution is TGA (therapeutic goods administration) approved and sourced in Australia.

Our trays are custom made to your teeth by dental technicians in out laboratory based in Perth, Western Australia. Custom made trays are extremely accurate and close fitting which means the whitening gel has close contact with the teeth – ensuring that all of your teeth get the whitening (nothing worse than the bottom of your teeth being white and the rest the original colour) and it also prevents excessive leaking resulting in less gel being used and no gum irritation.

As they are a perfect match to your teeth they are also extremely comfortable!

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Making Your Impression

Making your own impression is easy. Just follow our DVD tutor which comes with your Smile‚Ñ¢ system. Below is an overview of the process.

A Whiter Brighter Smile

Your soft flexible laboratory fabricated trays will be returned to you in 5 - 7 days. You can now start whitening your smile!

Smile Impression

1) Remove one of each coloured paste and mix together for 30 seconds. Ensure hands are free of lotions and oils.

  Smile Impression

Your trays are returned to you in a handy storage case. Keep your trays ~ they can be used again for touch ups.

Smile Impression

2) Roll out the mixed material and press and shape into the tray.

  Smile Impression

Place a small drop of Smile‚Ñ¢ Whitening Gel in each tooth chamber as shown.

Smile Impression

3) Take the filled tray and place over your top teeth. Press upwards until your teeth just touch the top of the tray. Hold in place for 2 1/2 minutes.

  Smile Impression

Seat the tray over your teeth and wear for 1 x 90 minute session or 2 x 40 minutes sessions per day. Results will appear in 2-3 days.

Smile Impression

4) Remove the tray and repeat the process for the lower teeth. Place your impressions in the post paid box. Seal and return to CDD Laboratories.


Application Time & Length

The custom fitted trays and solution are worn during the day or evening in either 2 x 40 minute sessions or 1 x 90 minute session.

Maximum results are usually achieved after 7 to 14 days (treatment can last up to 3 weeks for extremely stained teeth) however you will see changes after just a few treatments.


For detailed instructions which explain this procedure in detail, download the PDF file.

Smile Brochure

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