WhiteScience Solar White Teeth Whitening Kit

  • WhiteScience Solar White Teeth Whitening Kit - Whiter Smile


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Product Description

Solar White whitens your teeth while you lie in a tanning bed or sunbathe at the beach, pool, or in your own backyard! A 10 to 20 minute sunbake in the backyard, by the pool or even at a solarium will provide sufficient UV to activate the hydroxyl radicals and remove staining from your teeth.

It utilises a powerful, yet gentle whitener in proprietary foam pads that hold the whitener in position while also forming around and between teeth for uniform coverage and pressure. This combines with a patented pressure lens that holds the pads in place, gathers ambient light and focuses it on the pads to energize the whitener.

In all, Solar White combines the five critical components of teeth whitening: peroxide, pressure, light, heat and exposure. The lens applies pressure and energy from the sun, or an artificial light source provides the heat as it passes through the lens. It can be used at the beach, pool or in an electronic tanning environment.

Solar White Kit Includes

  • 6 x Deep cleaning Fresh Up Teeth Wipes
  • 6 x Patented self-forming foam pads impregnated with neutral pH peroxide
  • 1x Protective thermal bag for safe storage of foam pads
  • 1 x Patented clear lens mouthpiece to hold the pads and focus light
  • 1 x Mouthpiece storage case
  • 1 x Set of tweezers allowing for hygienic and safe insertion and removal of foam pads
  • 1 x Zippered carry bag with handle
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How It Works

PEROXIDE - When peroxide combines with the moisture in your mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth to release stains that have built up over time.

LIGHT -The conversion of hydrogen peroxide to hydroxyl radicals can be accelerated and sustained by exposure to certain wavelengths of light, basically from about 400 to 560 nanometers. And since the sun transmits all light wavelengths, it is the perfect source to facilitate teeth whitening. Additionally the simulated sunlight from the tanning bed also accelerates the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into powerful, whitening hydroxyl radicals. Our flexible mouth tray acts as a lens to focus the light.

PRESSURE -Pressure and contact are required to force hydroxyl radicals into the enamel of your teeth. Once inserted in the flexible mouth tray, mild pressure conforms the patented peroxide strip to the shape of your teeth.

HEAT -Peroxide becomes more active as it heats up, releasing more of its powerful hydroxyl radicals than would occur at lower temperatures. The heat generated by the sun or your tanning bed is essential in facilitating this process. 

EXPOSURE -Length of exposure is key to effective whitening. WhiteScience’s revolutionary technology will brighten your smile in as little as 20 minutes in direct sunlight or 10 minutes in the tanning bed.

How To Use


Glycerin, water, carbamide, peroxide, sodium hydroxide, aroma, EDTA, BHT

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