Whiter Smile Express Brush Up Smile Wipes (10 Pack)


  • Whiter Smile Express Brush Up Smile Wipes (10 Pack) - Whiter Smile


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Product Description

For a just brushed feelinganytime, anywhere!

Smile Wipes are designed to keep your teeth feeling clean and your breath fresh while on the go. Unlike mints or gum that only mask breath odor, Whiter Smile ' Smile Wipes' are textured teeth wipes that clean the surface of your while freshening your breath with a mild burst of mint flavour. Discreet, easy to use and individually packaged, Smile Wipes slide over your finger allowing you to wipe the surface of your teeth, gums and tongue with no water or rinsing required.

How To Use

Open pouch and remove the Smile Wipe. Slip Smile Wipe on index finger with longer side towards palm and the sorter surface covering the nail. Lightly scrub tooth surfaces with the longer side of the Smile Wipe. Remove the Smile Wipe from finger and dispose of it properly.

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