iWhite Teeth Whitening Value Pack

  • iWhite Teeth Whitening Value Pack - Whiter Smile


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Product Description

3 Part System Whitens, Maintains And Protects!

This cutting edge European whitening sensation is a 3-part system that whitens, maintains, and protects. iWhite is the only whitening product that is effortless, twice as fast and twice as effective as the current bleaching products with a rapid treatment time of 20 minutes per day for 5 days.

The iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit introduces light technology in a compact and easy to use mouth tray with foam strips. As a result of the hi-tech delivery system, the whitening reaction of the impregnated foam strip is accelerated and results in better, faster, deeper whitening results. The iWhite Maintenance Stick will optimize and maintain your bright, white smile. To complete the whitening program, the iWhite Toothpaste keeps your smile naturally white and provides daily protection for your teeth. The bundle pack also comes with an additional 5 day supply of whitening strips for future use.

iWhite Value Pack Includes
  • iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit with 5 Upper & 5 Lower Strips
  • iWhite Maintenance Stick
  • iWhite Dual Action Toothpaste

How To Use

iWhite Light Activated Whitening Kit

The iWhite tray together with the iWhite foam strips are a breakthrough, hi-tech discovery in teeth whitening. The iWhite tray introduces light technology in a compact and easy-to-use mouth piece. The iWhite foam strips, to be placed in the tray for each bleaching session, are comfortable to wear and whiten your teeth deeper and better than ever before.

  • Twice as Fast, Twice as Effective: Only 20 minutes per day for 5 days
  • Comfortable: Ready to use foam strips, no measuring, no mixing, no syringes
  • Hygienic: Contains 10 disposable whitening foam strips
  • Safe: Clinical tests show little to no sensitivity
  • Made in Belgium

iWhite Maintenance Stick

The iWhite maintenance stick is the ultimate solution to optimize and maintain your bright smile. After a whitening treatment with the iWhite tray and foam strips, it is the perfect touch up whitening method and will improve your whitening results even further. The iWhite maintenance stick cleans, freshens and whitens teeth anywhere and anytime. It perfectly fits into one's purse or pocket, works fast and helps to keep your teeth naturally white.

  • Simple: Easy to apply, dissolves without rinsing
  • Fast: Cleaning and whitening action in minutes
  • Convenient: Use anywhere, anytime, fits in your pocket
  • Multiple Action: Freshens, Cleans, Whitens
  • Made in Belgium

iWhite Dual Action Toothpaste

The iWhite toothpaste integrates full whitening action with complete oral care protection. This multi action whitening toothpaste helps to keep your smile naturally white and provides protection for your teeth the whole year through. The whitening ingredients gently remove stains and prevent your teeth from new discolorations. It is the perfect partner for everyday whitening.

Further, the iWhite toothpaste is formulated with fluoride to strengthen your teeth. It will protect your tooth enamel, prevent against tooth decay and fight cavities. The mint flavor provides great taste and long lasting breath freshness.

  • Gentle: Everyday whitening action
  • Strengthens: Fluoride formula strengthens your teeth
  • Protects: Fights cavities and protects enamel Long Lasting Fresh Breath!
  • Made in Belgium your

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