Dr Brux Bite Tray Night Guard


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Product Description

The Best Alternative To A Dentist Made Splint. Made In Italy!

In adults there are many patients with bad habits and parafunctional habits such as bruxism (better known as night grinding). Bruxism is defined as the tendency to clench your teeth during the day and grind their teeth unconsciously and uncontrollably during sleep, when it is impossible to exert conscious control over movements. Bruxism, which can be attributable to stress and nervous tension, is able to cause serious damage to the dental apparatus. The most visible damage is the gradual wearing down of teeth with fractures. Currently there is no pharmacological cure or treatment for Bruxism, except the prevention of excess damage by using a Bite Tray 'made to measure' by a dentist.

Dr. Brux is a night grinding bite guard that can be customized to suit you. It is comfortable, stays firm, safe, re-adjustable but above all a real help in the treatment and cure of bruxism. Comes supplied with a hygienic storage case and available in 4 different colours (blue, green, pink and transparent) so that your own one is easily recognised in families with more than one bruxism sufferer.


  • Easily adjusted: just drop it into very hot water for a few seconds to mould it to your bite.
  • Re-adjustable: it can be re-moulded as often as necessary to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • AIR-3 technology, 3 air holes which helps better ventilation.
  • Non-allergenic and non-toxic, made from thermoplastic material, bio-compatible, doesn't use any acrylic or silicone based substances.
  • Easy to clean and to keep in its special hygienic container.
  • 100% Made in Italy: designed, studied and produced in Italy.
  • Prescribed by over 5,000 Italian dentists and used by over 200,000 people.

Prevention and Cure

The Bite Tray is a protective shield that is worn overnight on the top row of teeth. This will create a protective barrier between the dental arches.  Dr. Brux® has measured occlusal thicknesses which help bring the jaw into a resting position. The thickness of the Bite Tray reduces muscle stress and tension during sleep.

Comfortable and Stable

Dr. Brux Bite Tray is made of a biocompatible thermoplastic material, with two assigned degrees of hardness.

The first degree of hardness is the softer of the two. It is used for the portion of the Bite Tray that comes into contact with the outer surface of the teeth and gums. This will give the feeling of stability and comfort. The second degree is the harder one. It is used for support,allowing ease in the movement of teeth during grinding for greater resistance in the deterioration process.

Four colours to choose from

How To Use



Frequently Asked Question's

Q - What is Bruxism?

A - Bruxism is the unconscious act of grinding and gritting one's teeth.

Q - What are the causes?

A - Nervous tension, Stress, Hyperactivity

Q - Who suffers from Bruxism?

A - 50% of the population show significant traces of teeth deterioration due to Bruxism. Both adults and children can suffer from Bruxism. Certain professions that are high stress or require a great deal of concentration are at a higher risk of suffering from Bruxism.

Q - When does Bruxism occur?

A - Most commonly Bruxism occurs while you sleep.

Q - What Bruxism causes?

A - Progressive deterioration of teeth with the possibility of fractures, Gum damage, Sensitivity of teeth to hot & cold, Headaches, Dizziness, Impaired mobility of the jaw.

Q - To see if you suffer from Bruxism do the following:

A - 1. Stand in front of the mirror, 2. Align your teeth and arches with your jaw closed, 3. Examine to see if there is any space, 4. Examine to see if the top & bottom incisors fit perfectly together. If they do fit perfectly, this is a sign that you grind your teeth.

Q - Should Dr. Brux Bite Tray be worn only at night?

A - Users should wear their Bite Tray whenever they feel their jaw muscles contracting. This tends to happen in situations of stress, tension, or taking part in a situation that requires great concentration.

Q - Is Dr. Brux a bother when sleeping?

A - It may take a short time to get used to. An increase in saliva build up may occur the first few nights or on the contrary dry mouth.This is perfectly normal reaction for your mouth.

Q - Does Dr. Brux exist only in one size?

A - Yes, due to the fact that it can be adapted perfectly for both a small or large mouths.

Q - Can Dr. Brux be made to fit a child too?

A - Only for a child with permanent teeth

Q - How long does Dr. Brux Bite Tray last?

A - There isn't an exact period of time; it depends on the dental situation and degree of Bruxism. In standard conditions, Dr. Brux's Bite Tray can last for years.

Q - Are there any contraindications to using Dr. Brux?

A - Generally speaking no, but please see a dental professional before using Dr. Brux's.

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