Britesmile To Go Whitening Pen Set

  • Britesmile To Go Whitening Pen Set - Whiter Smile


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Product Description

Whiten Your Teeth Wherever And Whenever You Want!

Brite Smile to go is an easy way to dramatically whiten your teeth, wherever and whenever you want. After years in research, BriteSmile To Go has been developed to help people look and feel their best without all of the hassle that comes with bleaching trays or store bought options. BriteSmile to go is convenient, simple, completely safe, and it works!

The Whitening Pen uses a 5.25% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel delivered from its brush. BriteSmile To Go acts both as a follow-up whitener, applied to maintain the salon treatment, or as a stand-alone whitening product for at-home use. As you might expect, the brush-on teeth whitening involves brushing a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel onto the surface of teeth, one tooth at a time. This brushing activity is similar to the way polish is applied to fingernails. Once the brush-on gel has been applied to a tooth's surface it solidifies so to form a somewhat invisible film.


  • Easy to use click pen applicator delivers your teeth whitening without any mess.
  • Time released proprietary formula enables safe, gentle and effective teeth whitening.
  • Dries rapidly, you can simply use it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Just two easy 30-second applications a day for two weeks, then use as desired.
  • Each Whitening Pen lasts for 15 days of whitening applications.

How To Use

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5.25% Carbamide Peroxide

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