BriteSmile Professional Whitening Kit

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Product Description

The BriteSmile Classics All In One Kit

The BriteSmile Professional Whitening Kit includes BriteSmiles most popular whitening products including their teeth whitening 3 pen set, whitening rinse and toothpaste.

The Whitening Pen uses a 5.25% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel delivered from its brush. It acts both as a follow-up whitener, applied to maintain the salon treatment, or as a stand-alone whitening product for at-home use. The brush-on teeth whitening involves brushing the bleaching gel onto the surface of teeth, one tooth at a time. Once the brush-on gel has been applied to a tooth's surface it solidifies so to form a somewhat invisible film.

BriteSmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste is an important part of the complete line of smile care products. Its patented whitening formula helps reveal the maximum whiteness of your teeth while effectively cleaning your teeth, gums and freshening your breath. The BriteSmile toothpaste is completely safe for your teeth and gums - it even creates a long-lasting barrier that protects against new stains to keep your teeth whiter.

The BriteSmile crystal-clear, alcohol-free rinse is specifically formulated for use to maintain and further enhance your naturally white smile following the BriteSmile treatment. It acts as a coating and stain barrier to your teeth, preventing any stains sticking to your teeth. Comes in a refreshing mint flavour to help freshen your breath. Large 14 fl.oz. (400ml) bottle.

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