Beyond e-Bright Whitening Accelerator System

  • Beyond e-Bright Whitening Accelerator System - Whiter Smile


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Product Description

The Power & Effectiveness Of Professional In-Office Bleaching!

The e-Bright Tooth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition brings the power and effectiveness of professional, in-office bleaching system direct to you providing dramatic results in just 3 treatments of 20 minutes. No other system can provide the advanced technology, safety, and power whitening acceleration for which e-Bright is famous for.

The e-Bright Tooth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition uses carefully designed light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver 480-500 nanometer wavelength cool-light technology to active the whitening gel solution and accelerate the whitening process. This technology has been used for many years by dental professionals, and e-Bright has developed the technology in a revolutionary, small and powerful home-use system – the only one of its kind. The effectiveness of the eBright system is also proven through numerous trials on patients with common food stains as well as on patients with over-exposure to fluoride and tetracycline.


  • Patented 18 high-intensity visible LED’s generating powerful, 480nm wavelength light technology accelerates the whitening process
  • Gentle 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel formula ensures maximum results
  • Removes years of stains caused by coffee, red wine, and smoking in three, 20 minute applications
  • Comfortable, safe, effective treatment for teeth stained by coffee, wine and tobacco products. Also effective on tetracycline and fluoride stains
  • Same technology used in professional dental offices for power whitening
  • Cheek retractor allows illumination of full smile (upper and lower teeth), for best results
  • Compact design with safety carrying case

How To Use


Use for 20 minutes each day for three days to see dramatic results.

This system would not be on the market if it was not safe. The e-Bright Tooth Whitening Accelerator Home Edition is gentle and there are no harmful side-effects to gums, teeth, enamel, or body. Refill kits are also available for years to maintain your white smile!

Safety Information

Do not use if pregnant or under the age of 16. Wait until after you have had your braces removed to use this product. Hydrogen peroxide-based whitening products are not effective on veneers, crowns, fillings, or other composite materials.


Use if your teeth are stained by coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco products, or other colored foods and drinks. Also effective on age-related discolorations and tetracycline and fluoride stains.


Hydrogen peroxide

Full ingredients available by request

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