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Product Comparision

Deciding on which teeth whitening product to choose can be quite overwhelming due to the large amount of variations and options available. Deciding on your preferred treatment should depend on,

A. Your preferred whitening treatment method

B. How sensitive your teeth are

A) Your preferred whitening treatment method

It's important to choose a method which you will be able to stick with for the duration of the treatment. This includes moldable mouth trays, teeth whitening strips, pre-filled whitening trays etc. A lot of people start a whitening treatment but fail to complete the full dose of treatments, bringing in only minimal results. Choose a method which you think you will enjoy doing and not get distracted by. Our products are categorised into the following categories:

TheraBreath Super Sarter Kit Brighter Image Small   Opalescence TresWhite Supreme   E-Bright Accelerator Whitening Kit

Moldable Mouth Trays


Dental Lab Systems


Pre-Filled Trays


Light Systems

Most popular method. Include trays which are made from home.   Kits include tray material which gets sent to a dental lab for construction   One size fits all trays with the whitening gel pre-loaded into the trays.   Uses a LED light to accelerate and speed up the activation of the whitening gel.


Crest Whitestrips Supreme Colgate Visible White Zoom Whitening Pen   Supersmile Whitening Accelerator Kit



Refill Systems


Whitening Pens


Other Systems

Thin strips pre-loaded with whitening gel that attach to your teeth.   Complete systems which are to be used with your existing mouth trays.   Whitening gel is applied directly onto your teeth using a pen like device.   Whitening kits which do not fall under the other most popular methods.

B) How sensitive your teeth are

All bleaching gel can cause some degree of tooth sensitivity. It is a normal and expected side effect. The higher the concentration of the whitening gel, the higher the chances are of an increase in sensitivity. The actual level of discomfort depends on how sensitive your teeth already are. This is why it is very important that if you do have sensitive teeth, you should choose a teeth whitening system which comes in a lower strength teeth whitening formula to reduce the chances of any discomfort. For those who do suffer from extra sensitivity, using a product containing potassium nitrate as the active ingredient is highly recommended and will help.

Which strength is right for you?

The correct strength depends on your sensitivity levels. The following is designed to be used as a guide only. Some products require different usage times so it is important to visit the individual products page for more accurate information. CAUTION High strength concentrations (listed as Low - No Sensitivity) may cause an increase in sensitivity and cause gum irritation in some people, which is why we recommend starting with a lower strength whitening gel to test your sensitivity levels. By ordering you agree to our products terms and conditions. Hydrogen peroxide is a stronger whitening agent, and as a comparison - 6% hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to approximately 18% carbamide peroxide.

Strength Concentration Results Sensitivity Levels Application Time
Maximum Strength 18% Carbamide Peroxide Quickest Results Average Sensitivity 30-60 Minutes / Day
Maximum Strength 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Quickest Results Average Sensitivity 30-60 Minutes / Day
High Strength 16% Carbamide Peroxide Quick Results Average Sensitivity 30-60 Minutes / Day
Standard Strength 10% Carbamide Peroxide Sensitive Teeth High Sensitivity Up to 60 Minutes / Day
Standard Strength Peroxide Free Sensitive Teeth High Sensitivity Up to 60 Minutes / Day