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DenTek Maximum Protection Night Dental Guard

DenTek Maximum Protection Night Dental Guard

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Brand: DenTek

For maximum protection. Using a forming tray, creates a superior fit similar to professionally made dental guards.

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Maximum Protection From Night Time Teeth Grinding.

Sleep better knowing your teeth are protected from bruxism with the DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard. The only over-the-counter dental guard with a forming tray, it creates a superior fit similar to professionally made dental guards, but without the professional expense.

The DenTek family of night guards has been enthusiastically adopted by thousands of bruxism sufferers and is designed to protect you against Bruxism or night time teeth grinding. Ready to wear right out of the package, the DenTek Maximum Protection Night Guard is sure to silence the feud between your upper and lower jaw. This guard uses less material than other traditional night guards and yet the simplicity of this innovative design allows for a more comfortable lower-teeth fit. 


  • Plastic, Thermoplastic
  • Made in USA
  • Protect against nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) with custom fit dental guard
  • The only over-the-counter night guard with a forming tray for custom fit
  • Night guard makes it easy and comfortable to prevent teeth grinding all night
  • All parts and accessories are BPA-free and latex-free
  • Mouldable to create a cushion of comfort between the teeth


  1. Using a microwave, bring a coffe cup of water to a rolling boil.

  2. Remove cup of boiling water and let it rest for 15 seconds.

  3. Place the dental guard with the soft, formable material facing DOWN into the hot water for 50 seconds.

  4. Remove it with a metal fork and place on a plate (with the soft, formable material facing UP) for 10 seconds to cool off.

  5. Immediately pick up the dental guard by the base and carefully place in your mouth but do not bite down yet.

  6. While looking in a mirror, align the center below your front two teeth and the sides below your molars.

  7. Firmly bite down and strongly suck in to remove excess moisture. With teeth clenched, use your fingers to mold the soft, formable material up and around the outside of your teeth and gums. Use your tongue to mold the material against the roof of your mouth.

  8. Open your mouth and use your thumbs to mold the soft, formable material against the roof of your mouth and up and around the inside of your teeth and gums.

  9. Firmly bite down again and leave the dental guard in your mouth until it cools to body temperature - about 3 to 4 minutes.

You are now finished with the fitting process and your dental guard should fit comfortably. However, If you did not get a good fit the first time, repeat the boiling process one more time beginning with Step 3.

Cleaning and Care

After each use, brush your dental guard with toothpaste and/or mouthwash. Never rinse in hot water as it could alter the shape of your dental guard.

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