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How to Whiten Teeth At Home

While dentists offer in-office whitening techniques, many people elect to try DIY teeth whitening at home first. While the results of most products used at home may not be comparable to professional whitening, they can still make a big difference in brightening a smile. Additionally, whitening your teeth at home has a few extra benefits: it is more cost effective, the products used are gentler on teeth, and it can be done at a person’s convenience. It is possible that the use of at home whitening products might be all someone needs. Discussed below are some of the best commercial products and home remedies to help whiten teeth. 

Home Teeth Whitening Products 

Let’s take a look at some of the options for tooth whitening at home. All of the following products can be found for purchase at whitersmile.com/au. 


Generally able to whiten your teeth by a shade, whitening toothpastes are used in place of your old toothpaste, so they are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. These toothpastes contain no bleach, and they are gentle on teeth. Likewise, this method is cost and time effective making it a good first option. 

Our Recommendations: If you prefer popular brand products, Whiter Smile offers Crest 3D White Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste. The Supersmile line of products contain regular whitening toothpastes and accelerating products to show results faster and come in a wide range of flavours. Opalescence products offer whitening pastes and pastes to preserve results post-whitening. Beyond Pearl even has whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. 

Strips, Gels & Trays

If toothpastes aren’t producing a desired effect, over-the-counter whitening strips or gels might do the trick. Gel versions are applied directly to teeth with a small brush, while strips are applied twice a day for half an hour. Both products are used for about two weeks, and the whitening results last up to four months and only take a few days to be noticeable. Trays, meanwhile, are one of the strongest at home options. Obtainable over-the-counter or through a dentist, these trays contain a peroxide bleaching agent and are worn like a mouth guard. The trays can be used over night or for a couple of hours during the day for up to four weeks and last as long as or longer than strips and gels. 

Our Recommendations: Whiter Smile offers its unique line of gel syringes in multiple sizes to best fit your mouth. Likewise, there are Zoom! day and night complete treatment kits designed by the same company which offers professional grade Zoom! to dentists worldwide. If a whitening kit seems like a better fit, Whiter Smile offers a full line of Crest strips kits. Additionally, Whiter Smile offers a unique line of kits including prefilled or fillable mouldable guards, LED enhancing lights, and even a natural peroxide-free option.  

Natural alternatives

If you’re on a really tight budget or you just want to see what you can achieve with “natural” ingredients, then some of these treatments might be worth a try. However, don’t expect the results to be at all similar to dedicated whitening products and procedures.

Baking Soda and lemon juice mixed to form a paste can be brushed on dry, clean teeth with a tooth brush or cotton swab and left for a minute or two then rinsed out. Baking Soda is a stain remover, while the acidic nature of lemon juice can act like a bleaching agent au natural. 

Malic acid is also considered to have teeth whitening properties. Strawberries are high in malic acid and the plaque fighting vitamin C. Mixing a little sea salt for use as an abrasive, Baking Soda, and mashed strawberries will make a paste which can help whiten teeth. 

An ancient remedy called oil pulling is said to help whiten teeth and improve oral health. Choose pure organic oil, coconut oil is popular because it contains lauric acid, and swish about a tablespoon of it around in your mouth and through your teeth for 15 to 30 minutes. After oil pulling, be sure to drink some purified water to clean any remains of oil away. 

Another simple option is to rub the inside of a banana peel over your teeth for two minutes twice a day. The peel’s minerals will get absorbed into the teeth to keep them looking their best. Additionally, eating lots of crunchy fruits and veggies, such as celery and apples, keep teeth cleaner by acting as nature’s tooth brush. 


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