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Dr. George Dental White Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Dr George Dental White

  • Type
    Moldable Mouth Tray
  • Treatment Duration
    14 Days
  • Application Time
    30 Minutes / Day
  • Applications Provided
    Approximately 50
  • Whitening Ingredient
    16% Carbamide Peroxide
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    Featured on Oprah! A professional strength teeth whitening available in an at home tooth whitening kit..

    Our Price: $50.00 AUD



Dr George Dental White

"The Best Kept Secret....."

Initially developed for dentists by one of America's leading dentists, Dr George Madray, the gel in these kits is supplied to thousands of dentists worldwide and the kits have been sold in many major outlets in America for well over 20 years.

The customisable mouth trays whiten all your upper or lower teeth at once with a 16% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel. Dental White has sold over 7 million units worldwide and after a decade is still dispensed by dentists. It was recently revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show as "The best kept secret..." Get the same professional teeth whitening previously only available at Whiter Smile.

How Dr. George Works

The surface of your teeth may seem smooth, but if you look under a microscope, there are noticeable pores. Stain-causing foods and drinks get into these pores causing teeth to darken over the years. The active ingredient in Dr. George's Dental White is carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely small in size and easily enters your teeth's pores, following the same route as stain-causing foods and drinks. It takes about 10-20 minutes for the gel to be absorbed by your teeth, thus the necessity for custom trays. (Unlike non-customizable "dual trays", custom trays allow the necessary contact time required for the active ingredient to diffuse into your teeth.) Inside the teeth, active oxygen is produced and the teeth is lightened by the actual conversion of colored compounds to colorless compounds.

De George Dental White Features

  • 120 ml of professional strength dental gel - enough for a huge supply of gel. ¬†Nice mint flavour!
  • Customisable warm and form month for dentist quality fit and results
  • Applicator syringe for precise placement of gel in mouth trays, no mess no waste.
  • Full and comprehensive instructions.


Concentration / Formula

Ideal For

Recommended Wear Time

Optimal Results

16% Carbamide Peroxide

Average Sensitivity

30 Minutes / Day

14 Days


You can apply the gel using the gel bottle, but it is far more preferable to use the refillable syringe. See instructions on the syringe. This way only a little gel is placed down into the tray, to prevent overfilling.

1. With care, start at one end of the tray and squeeze out a continuous thin line of gel, continuing around to the other end. Squeeze out only enough gel so that when the tray is placed, the teeth are coated with little excess to minimize gel contact with gums. Place the tray into position over teeth. If some gel seeps out over the edges, wipe off and spit out the excess. Try to apply less gel next time, to a point where little excess is created. Try placing just a small bead the size of a BB in each tooth indentation. Wear the tray for 20-30 minutes, preferably in the evening, when you are at rest. After the first 20-30 minutes of wearing time, remove the tray (rinse if possible). Reapply a second application, do another 20-30 minutes; followed by a third dose for another 20-30 minutes - for a total wearing time of 60-90 minutes a day. Rinse tray before and after each use. The Whitening Gel should be applied over a period of 2-3 weeks or until the desired whiteness is achieved.

2. Do NOT wear the tray during sleep time as it may become dislodged or accidentally get ingested or inhaled.

Whiter Smile Deluxe Home Whitening Kit Whiter Smile Deluxe Home Whitening Kit

Active Ingredients

Carbamide Hydrogen Peroxide


Dr. George's Dental White is intended for COSMETIC purposes only, and is NOT to be used as a medicine or a drug. It is not recommended for individuals who have braces, ill health, just completed gum surgery, have bad gums or decayed or sensitive teeth, exposed roots, jaw joint problems, colitis, ulcers, periodontal disease or allergies to the ingredients. Do not use while using tobacco or during pregnancy. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! This product should not be used by children under 18 without approval of a dentist and parental supervision. Do NOT ingest. In case of accidental overdose, do NOT induce vomiting and contact a physician and/or poison control center immediately. Do not use this product in any other way other than as described in the instructions. Do NOT attempt to use any household bleaches to increase product strength.

Product Review

star rating

Michelle M.

Dramatic changes in 2 weeks!
September 10, 2014

I have been using your product now for 2 weeks and have noticed a dramatic change in the whiteness of my teeth. I had trays made by my dentist 2 years ago and paid 200.00 to do this and was given Rembrandt. Well....I am so impressed with your whitening product and will never use another brand again. I have told so many of my friends to buy your product!!!

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