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Our offices are currently being renovated! What this means is we regretably will be unable to post orders out starting from Monday 14th April to Thursday 17th April.
All orders during this time will be posted the earliest possible at the start of the following week.
As a special thank you, during this time receive a 15% discount by using the coupon code "RENO15" during checkout.

FREE Gift on orders over $75!

Receive a free teeth whitening gift on all orders over $75.00

SAVE Up to 20% on quantities of 3+

Quantities of 3+ on the same product receive 10% discount
Quantities of 6+ on the same product receive 20% discount


The type of mouth tray you use will make a huge difference in your results. For teeth whitening gel to be effective, it needs to be actively against your teeth for the products recommended wear time. Depending on this wear time, you may need to use a different type of mouth tray. Mouth trays are also not created equally. They can come in different materials which will in effect create a better mold.

The Better Mold = Better gel connection = Less leakage = Less irritation = Better Results


Heat Sink Molable Mouth Trays BeforeHeat Sink Molable Mouth Trays After

These mouth trays are found in 90-95% of teeth whitening kits that contain trays. They are made of a flexible substance which when heated and applied to the teeth, will confirm to the shape of your own mouth and teeth. When molding, the water needs to be at an almost exact temperature to allow the tray to be soft enough to mold around your teeth, but not too warm to form over itself. For some people they can be a little tricky to make which is why our kits include an extra one in case a mistake is made.


Instructions Step Instructions Step Instructions Step

Click for detailed instructions on how to make our heat sink mouth trays.


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Clear, see-through polymer blend


  • Can be difficult to create exact mold


Includes 3 thermforming mouth trays and hygienic tray case.

Our Price: $10.00 AUD


Silicone Mouth Tray Befoe & After

Silicone Mouth Trays are the most easiest trays to make. It is a double sided tray which inside has a silicone molding solution which you bite into. The silicone molding creates an exact replica of your teeth, allowing for a closer fitting mold and application. The tray is more bulky than the other trays, which is why it is not recommended for people with gag reflux. Also because of its size, some people may find it not to be comfortable if you are required to wear the whitening gel for long periods of time. We recommend it for products where you need to wear the gel for 30 minutes or less.


Just Bite! Centre your upper and lower teeth in the middle of the silicone putty. Bite down for 5 seconds so your teeth are fully covered by the putty. Slowly and carefully, vertically pull the trays from your teeth.


  • Can be remolded
  • Very easy to make
  • Creates an instant and exact fit


  • Gag reflux for some people
  • Bulky


Includes double sided tray silicone tray and hygienic tray case.

Our Price: $10.00 AUD


Premium Durabite Mouth Tray BeforePremium Durabite Mouth Tray After

These are our special high quality mouth trays which are not available from other sites and come from the USA. They are similar to the thermoforming trays where they are created by being heating in water and after applying to your teeth will confirm to your mouth. However, because of the different material, these will not form over each other which eliminates any errors. They create a much better fit, comparable to if you had mouth trays made by your dentist. Because of the exact fit, it will eliminate gel leakage which minimalises sensitivity issues. These can also be worn for longer periods of time, which makes them ideal for all types of whitening gel, including overnighters.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent dental impression
  • Prevents gel leakage
  • Strong hold with hard material
  • Next best thing to dentist molds


  • More expensive that other types


Inclues 2 durabite premium mouth trays and hygienic tray case.

Our Price: $30.00 AUD